PDR Competition Training with

Žan Vidic, Dave Streen, and Kevin Andrews

The highest level PDR training ever offered. Check out the PDR Competition level training program. 4 hours of solid content will help you look at dents differently, understand complex repairs, and ultimately make you more money.

Winners Find Ways

Learn from the most winning PDR champion on the planet! PDR Olympic Training is the highest level complex dent training ever offered!

Come learn from one of the most humble guys who happens to have the most trophies in the world. Now Žan Vidic will share his tips, tricks and strategies openly with YOU.

Dave Streen fills in the gaps and shares knowledge, thoughts and inspiration for performing your best and reaching new levels!

You will gain the mindset and ability needed to compete like a champion in competitions as well as in your own business.

Learn :

  • How to overcome fear and stress
  • How to handle peer pressure
  • How to deal with time constraints
  • What to do before and during the competition to give you an almost unfair advantage.
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Training like a competitor will help you step up your game and using the competition in your marketing will help you make more money and get more sales regardless of what position you place.

The live version of this training sold for $1,997.
Right now, we are offering the same training in video form for just $599.

Or, you can get it for FREE by purchasing a ticket to DREAM 2 by August 31st!